Some stories are fated to repeat through time.

Fiona McLean, a girl from Cape Breton Island, Canada, is having nightmares about things she has never seen and can’t understand. Things like war, and death, and the blue eyes of a stranger. A man from a long ago time, dressed in the uniform of the British army. A man whose very image stirs her heart and fills her with fear.

Ewan MacArthur is content to live alone, without family, in a world he has built for himself in the Scottish Highlands. His lonely existence suits him well, until he meets a feisty girl from across the pond–one who reaches into his soul and threatens to tear down the walls he has built so carefully.

The fates of four people are inextricably entwined by the events leading up to April 16, 1746 and the conflict which became known to history as the Battle of Culloden. Fiona and Ewan face an evil which may destroy their hearts and take their lives when the past and present come together in a mystery which began on the moor called Drumossie.

“With Drumossie, MacKinnon has written an engaging and captivating tale of Scottish history, past lives, and romance. Throughout the story, the reader will find himself cheering for the characters, hopeful that each one finds what they are looking for. With something for everyone, this story is sure to please book lovers of any age.” ~ Feathered Quill, https://featheredquill.com/drumossie-echoes-in-time/

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Scot against scot. Clan against clan. The massacre at Glencoe was one of the most shameful moments in Scotland’s history – the day when Highlander turned on Highlander in a horrific and unforgivable night of murder and treachery.

Daniel MacArthur doesn’t know much about his country’s history, and he doesn’t care. He has enough problems coping with life in the twenty-first century. Fear dogs his every step—fear of failure, of crowds, of his own family. He’s spiraling downward, losing himself in alcohol and self-loathing. Until he meets a strange woman on the streets of Inverness, and for the first time feels a stirring of something beyond his own wretched existence. Does she bring hope…or death?

Eve is not her real name. She has found herself on the streets of Inverness in the dead of winter, barefoot and clad in nothing but her nightclothes, her memories gone. Her only hope may be the man leaning against a pub wall, drunk and incoherent. Worse off than she, if that is possible, but there is something about his eyes that stirs her soul and fills her heart with emotions she cannot understand. Is he the key to her memory, or to something too dark to face?