The Comyn’s Curse – Highland Spirits Book 1 – Aubrey

Fleeing from a broken heart, Aubrey Cumming finds herself in the Highlands of Scotland, home of her ancestors.  There she finds an ancient curse, a modern conspiracy, and a new chance at love.  But can the ghost who haunts her family’s castle ruin help her to right a wrong that has stalked them down the centuries?  And will she find the one who holds the answer to her heart’s desire…before evil claims her as the next victim of the Comyn’s curse?

“Highly recommended for fans of Diana Gabaldan’s Outlander series.”

The Piper’s Warning – Highland Spirits Book 2 – Kate

Aubrey Cumming and her Mackintosh are planning their wedding in Scotland. Into the mix comes a new ghost story, an international conspiracy, and the personal tragedy of bridesmaid Kate Bianchi. When the groom disappears without a trace, Kate must rise above her own heartache to solve the mystery and amend a centuries old injustice.

“An enjoyable, solidly paced escape.”

The Healer’s Legacy – Highland Spirits Book 3 – Colleen

Left behind in New Jersey, Colleen Fitzgerald has finally found the perfect man. When fate steals her happiness yet again, she finds herself running to her friends in the Scottish Highlands in a search for redemption. A haunted castle will pit her nursing skills against a vengeful ghost and a very modern killer, but offer a chance at true love – if she is strong enough to trust her heart one more time.

“An engaging and satisfying supernatural tale with Highland charm.”

DRUMOSSIE – Echoes in Time Book 1

Fiona stood, frozen in shock. The man she had been embracing with everything in her soul wasn’t her boyfriend Greg…she knew him. She had seen him just last night, in her dream. He was the man she had loved for three hundred years.

Fiona MacLean has left everything—and everyone—behind to visit Scotland in search of her roots. What she finds there is a mystery reaching back nearly three hundred years, a love that transcends time, and an evil that refuses to die. How can she keep history from repeating itself and save the man she has loved for centuries?

“With Drumossie, MacKinnon has written an engaging and captivating tale of Scottish history, past lives, and romance.” ~ Feathered Quill

Drumossie (Echoes in Time Book 1)

GLENCOE – Echoes in Time Book 2 – coming soon!

Scot against scot. Clan against clan. The massacre at Glencoe was one of the most shameful moments in Scotland’s history – the day when Highlander turned on Highlander in a horrific and unforgivable act of murder and treachery.

Daniel MacArthur doesn’t know much about his country’s history, and he doesn’t care. He has enough problems coping with life in the twenty-first century. Fear dogs his every step—fear of failure, of crowds, of his own family. He’s spiraling downward, losing himself in alcohol and self-loathing. Until he meets a strange woman on the streets of Inverness, and for the first time feels a stirring of something beyond his own wretched existence. Does she bring hope…or death?

SEVEN – Echoes in Time Book 3