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July 2019

In the Spotlight: Margherita Crystal Lotus

Margherita Crystal Lotus is an author, an artist, and a healer. She has written several books:

  1. The Crystal Lotus Handbook An Essential Guide to Crystals, (608 pages). The Stones & The Methods You need for Success.
  2. The Color Game I, a Novel where Ida was in a coma, but she dreamed about chakras inside her body. Each of the 10 chakra was a planet where she went to and made friends with the beings on every planet. (464 pages).
  3. Where Heart Touches Matter Chakra Coloring Book & Course. You can learn much of the Chakras by just reading it. Also you get a Course as well. (160 pages)

She works with clients who are stressed and have emotional pain. Her programs help them to achieve balance and allows them to embrace happiness and joy.

Margherita’s works in progress include: The Color Game II and III  She has also written a children’s fantasy story called: The Love Birds Saga Part I and Part II .

You can visit Margherita at


The Love Birds Saga I

Ch.1 The Beginning

At the beginning of time… The newborn Love Bird peeked out of the crack in the egg and noticed a big mother bird. She was guarding the hill of eggs in the nest. And, the little bird tried to make noises to grab her attention.

The mother, Era looked at her baby. “My firstborn, welcome to this world!” Era lifted her head and looked up in the sky. The sun just came up over the horizon, and golden light boosted her joy!

Era watched her mate, Ari flying in the sky. He had filled his body with green algae. He landed on a large stone near the nest surrounded by rocks and sand. The ocean had soft waves upon the beach. Ari looked at his firstborn and gave the little one the green algae he had picked up near the sea.

The firstborn, looked at the father, and ate the algae, and made a noise. “Aaaaaaaava!”

Era looked at Ari. “Is that, what we will call our little baby? Ava?”

“Well, that is good with me, my Love.” Ari looked at the sun rays forming a rainbow that stretched over the whole sky. It glowed in all the colors.

“We now call you Ava, my firstborn.” Era looked happy and raised her wings to take a flight over the ocean to get more food for Ava. She flew over the beaches. There was no life be seen only bare rocks and mountains.

Ari lay down on the eggs that still were warm and cozy. After the flight, he was tired and liked to relax. But the little one piped full of energy, and tried to play!

“Later Later my little one!” Ari fell asleep with one eye open.

But, Ava wiggled out on the other side and tried to trip out. “I am going out to see what is happening.”

Ava ran around for a while. The air was misty, fresh, and almost cold. The soft wind stroked her skin with only a few small down-feathers. Ava noticed the tall reeds near the sandy beach, were the wave of water was moving back and forth. Tiny crabs speeding on the wet sand and caught even smaller creatures.

Ava was stunned by how fast they ran in a closed group. Stepping into the wet sand was really fun, but cold. The next wave brought Ava down the line of the stream. Luckily, she had her feet on the bottom. Then she noticed something big above. She ran into the reeds to hide. She stood there shaking and got really cold. Then the shadow of a bird was gone and saw her mother looking for her.

Ava ran out of the reeds and screamed. Her mother heard the screaming and saw her, and picked Ava up with her long beak. As they returned to the nest Ari was still sleeping; now with both eyes closed. Era put down Ava and woke Ari up. “Ari, you must be aware of our nestlings!”

“I am so sorry, Era. You know I flew a long way the find food for our little one.” Ari lowered his beak, and let Era lay down on the nest. Ari then flew up in the sky again, to look for food.


Ava felt the warm feathers of her mother, and suddenly fell asleep! She started dreaming about the tiny crabs, and how fun she had. Ava’s dream world continued under the ocean where the green algae grew. Swimming under the water was a new experience for her. She was amazed at how the underworld had so many creatures like fishes, weeds and snails.

Then Ava met a fish the size of herself. It had golden fins and a smiling face. “Hi, golden fish!” she said.

The golden fish moved in a circle to see her face. “Hi, what kind of being are you?”

“I am Ava, the Love Bird!” She smiled at the golden fish.

The golden fish stopped and sort of stood up in front of her. “I am a kid of my big parents. You can see them over there.” He moved his right fin in the direction besides a boulder with luscious green weeds. “How can you swim underwater, when you are a bird?”

“I do not know. But, I like swimming, because I cannot fly in the air yet.” Ava looked at his face and noticed his kind heart.

“My name is Finny of the Goldenfish clan. We have a home just here, in this region. “We can fly over the water!”

“Really, that is amazing. I must train to fly too! I am just born.” Ava touched his golden fin with her small wing.

“Can I bring you to my siblings? They are over there on the other side of bolder. The algae are delicious there.”

“Yes, I am hungry!” She followed Finny. And as they reached the bolder, she saw a huge beast. “Who is this big fish?”

Finny answered, “It is my uncle. He always eats algae too. So, you need not to be scared.”

They went to the algae field and munched a lot of them. The algae grew fast. So there was no restriction to eat it.


Then she woke up under her mother’s feathers, in the soft loving state. “Mama, I had a dream!”

Era watched the little one. “What did you dream about?”

Ava raised her head. “I found a friend, a golden fish called Finny. He showed me where the green ‘Algae’ grows.”

“Well, are you hungry now?” We have a pile of them here.”

“I am so filled with food just now.” Then, Ava slumbered again, in a deep sleep without dreams.


Era looked at Ava and entered a peaceful meditation. The sun stood at its highest level over the horizon and glowed between a few clouds. This was the day of Ava’s beginning.

But, lots of other beings were hunters in other dimensions that searched for their prey. But, for now, they didn’t know that the first Love Bird was created.

And here is some additional stunning artwork created by Margherita Crystal Lotus for Love Birds Saga:

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