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I’ve always been a writer. When I was eight I wrote a story called “Princess Zelda”, which was a plagiarized mixture of Moses and Cinderella, and begged my mother for weeks to take it to the local library and get them to publish it. Her gentle refusal to do so, while setting my career as an author back a few years, did not stop me from continuing my writing. I have since learned that there are a few more steps between pencil copy and library.

Somewhere along the line life intervened.  Although I followed my love of books to college and became an English major, my writing muse went on an extended vacation, leaving me alone to marry, raise three children, and go into teaching.  I found the lazy ingrate sleeping in a sixth grade English classroom, and she woke with a vengeance, never to be allowed to leave my sight again.   Princess Zelda would be proud…I am a writer.

I write emotions.  Love, hate, fear, redemption, second chances. My writing is primarily paranormal romance with modern mystery thrown in for spice, and a little horror to stir the senses. And humor. Always humor.  

Please explore, and I hope you enjoy my work.

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