Guest Author Spotlight

November, 2018

In the Spotlight:  Izzy Richards

About herself, Izzy Richards says:

I am a new writer (I do dare to call myself that) Izzy Richards (that’s my pen name). I am starting this blog to take you, my reader, with me on this journey into the unknown. This crazy and complicated journey of becoming a published Children’s Fiction Book Writer.

I have recently finished the first draft of my first children’s fiction book called The Mirror: The Forgotten Land.

Learn more about Izzy Richards at

And now, during this season of Thanksgiving, here is a poem that Izzy has dedicated to her daughter.



My cute and beautiful little lady
She smiles and makes me go crazy

With only her little warm hug
She makes my heart bleed pure love

With her curly blond hair
She swipes away any fear and doubt in the thin air

Her laughter is the music of my world
And I won’t ever change a note or a word

Her touch is so gentle
How could I ever be so scared of something so fragile

I am surprised and blown away
But now I can’t imagine my day in any other way

With her ocean clear blue eyes
She looks curiously beyond the sky

But then again she is shy and likes to hide
Only on daddy’s shoulders she is brave and loves to ride

She already knows how to be cheeky
So she plays the role so sweet and easy

I know I am weak
She has me wrapped around her little fingers but how couldn’t I be

She is my little angel, my everything and more
I will forever love and protect my little girl.




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