Nope!  I don’t…not for a minute!  I started later than most, after I had binge watched all six seasons of Downton Abbey twice. FanFiction is where I got my first start as a writer;  it’s where people came to rely on my constancy, and it’s where I still find my relaxation.  I’ve taken a break to write The Highland Spirits series of novels, but bits of Downton still seep into my writing. (One of the heroes in The Comyn’s Curse bears a strange resemblance to a certain chauffeur turned family member!)

My focus is on Tom and Sybil Branson, the chauffeur and his lady, and I’ve invented an entire spinoff based on their life in Dublin after they ran away to get married.  If you watched the show, you know what I’m talking about, and if you didn’t…well, stop reading this and go watch it–at least through season two.  I promise you; you won’t be sorry.

I have invented an entire Irish working class family for Tom, and done extensive research on the Irish War of Independence as background.  I’m rather proud of it, actually.

Whether or not you are a Downton addict, you are cordially invited to check out my FanFiction here:

Welcome to my guilty pleasure!