The Comyn’s Curse – Highland Spirits Book 1- Aubrey

Finished, in the hands of my publisher, Dart Frog Books.  Watch for it to appear on  bookshelves by May 1, 2019.

Running from a broken heart, Aubrey flees to the Highlands of Scotland, home of her ancestors.  There she finds an ancient curse, a modern conspiracy, and a new chance at love.  But can the ghost who haunts her family’s castle ruin help her to right a wrong that has stalked them down the centuries?  And will she find the one who holds the answer to her heart’s desire…before evil claims her as the next victim of the Comyn’s curse?

Prologue of  The Comyn’s Curse:




The Piper’s Warning – Highland Spirits Book 2 – Kate

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The Piper's Warning


Prologue of The Piper’s Warning:

Book 2 in the Highland Spirits trilogy.  Aubrey Cumming and her Mackintosh are planning their wedding.  Into the mix comes a new ghost story, an international conspiracy, and the personal tragedy of bridesmaid Kate Bianchi.  Aubrey, overwhelmed with wedding plans, drops everything to comfort her friend.  Then the unthinkable happens…the groom disappears without a trace.  Kate must rise above her own heartache to solve the mystery and amend a centuries old injustice.



In the Pipeline:


The Healer’s Legacy – Highland Spirits Book 3 – Colleen




Slither – YA fantasy – rough draft phase, five chapters in and rolling (or slithering) along

Becca hates snakes.  Well, she’s not alone there.  But a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo has unforeseen consequences, as Becca and her brother Matt are plunged into a world inhabited by animals who talk and dress better than they do–a world in which humans are the enemy.  Becca is forced to reexamine her predjudices and rely on creatures she fears and abhors, as she embarks on a quest to save Zoion from those who would destroy her new comrades.  And the leader of the expedition? A huge, yellow snake.  Of course.

An excerpt from Chapter 1 of Slither: