There are times when people in the books you read become as real to you as if you’ve known them all your life. You ache for them, glory in their triumph, cry at their pain. When this happens, you know you’ve discovered one of those books. You read it again and again, and then once more. Just to stay in touch.





In The Man I Love, Suanne Laqueur has written the epic journey of two souls meant to be together but torn apart by a very modern tragedy, one that is becoming all too familiar. One decision destroys everything when a young man gives in to his pain and anger, setting forces in motion that shape lives for years. This is the story of Daisy and Erik, of Will and Lucky and David, of a journey back to where love began and the rebuilding of something that will withstand it all, if courage and love can surmount human failing.



“A new kind of romance, well-crafted and intelligently written. Suanne Laqueur deftly explores what it means to be vulnerable, resilient and human.”

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  1. Kathleen Kiel says:

    This book grabbed me from the start. I found myself thinking about the characters as if they were real people while sightseeing during my vacation in Italy. I’m now reading book two and am just as mesmerized even though I know (sort of) what is going to happen. Very cleverly written!

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