For some reason, this spread on my publisher’s website fills me with wonder. That’s my book there, I keep telling myself. My book, that I wrote. That’s my name on the cover. Those are my thoughts, dreams, fears and joys folded into its pages. Does it ever get old? I hope not. If you’re a writer and want to know more about DartFrogPlus, visit their site:

Dart Frog image

And by the way…that’s MY book!

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  1. mmackinnonwriter says:

    No, it’s part of a scrolling promotion of the books DartFrog is publishing this quarter. I guess it could be on Amazon, if I put it there. Hmmm.

  2. Jonathan Byrd says:

    I particularly like the way they not only used the cover but also the cover photo for the background. And I planned on checking out your publisher’s website, but I told myself to be patient and at least finish the book first.

  3. mmackinnonwriter says:

    Yes, good idea! Finish the book first. But if you ever want my insights on DartFrog, don’t hesitate to ask.

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