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The Comyn’s Curse is now available!

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The Comyn’s Curse, first novel in the Highland Spirits series, is now out and available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and in select bookstores. I want to thank my publisher, DartFrogPlus, for bringing my dream to fruition.

Aubrey’s story would not have been possible without the unfailing help of my editor, Megan McKeever of New York Book Editors, or the tireless work of DartFrog.

As a part of the DartFrog commitment, I met an amazing marketing expert who has become a friend. Suanne Laqueur led me through the maze of Facebook author pages, mail campaigns, and Book Funnel accounts, explaining with incredible patience what had been a foreign language before.

I would be remiss if I did not give credit to an amazing group of writers and beta readers at The Write Practice: Without their support and sincere editing help, the book might never have happened.

You can find the early reviews and more information on how to get a copy of The Comyn’s Curse on the front page of this website.

Books coming in the series:

The Piper’s Warning – Kate’s story

The Healer’s Legacy – Colleen’s story

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