“Whiskey Dreams” is on Amazon!

Please download and leave a review.  A review on Amazon…Ahh, yes.

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“You made me feel the pain of being young. The terror of helplessness when your kids get into something. The wistful pleasure of romance and the desire to have it be that way again.” Michael McShane, author, “Quaoar and Tukupar Itar”

This story is well-written and engaging. It hooked me right away, and I read faster and faster to find out what would happen. Susan Liddle, author, “Lady Luck Meets her Match”

They say our lives flash before our eyes just before we are about to die. You take this premise and run with it and I loved the surprising direction it went in. Wouldn’t we all like to have a second chance? Wouldn’t we all like to return to the past and fix our mistakes?… An uplifting story on the theme of regrets.”  Susan Zenker, author, “Puppy Love”


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